Saturday, November 13, 2010

Publisher accepts latest children's novel; Feelings

A publisher has accepted my latest children's novel. Of course, I'm very pleased, and as befitting my sometimes dramatic nature, I've sort of gone into an energy saving mode. That is, quieting my emotional self.

So having worked on that manuscript until I thought, 'Enough! No more!' I find myself looking forward to the revisions suggested. I didn't think I'd feel like this, and it's sort of a quiet excited feeling. I feel maybe it will be like seeing it anew, and I will be able to think of all sorts of ways to integrate the suggestions. Aha! We shall see how soon that calm euphoria ends! Calm!

Interesting. When I finished it I was going to start on my next book in the Time Travel series. No, this one is not a time-travel . This is a coming-of-age. And I was actually beginning to hear the voices of my characters, feel them... Then the rains from Nicole tumbled them out of my mind. After that, watching and fretting over Tomas for over a week, dried up any creative emotions. And I was adrift with that novel, only wanting to write about 'fretting over storms and gullies', which I've already done.

So perhaps it is indeed a good time to be returning to my girl, coming of age. We'll see how we get on after all this time.