Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jamaican author/book nominated for major international prize

It's in all the newspapers today, and so it should be. Inner City Girl written by Colleen Smith-Dennis, a teacher and an author, published by LMH, has been nominated for the international IMPAC Dublin literary award.

I wrote about this book in my June 29 blog. I was at the launch; met the author, (authors are special people - as major, too often unheralded, contributors to the fabric of our lives). I read the book, I was totally swept away by the story. I fretted over the protagonist, Martina. I felt danger with her, I cheered her successes. I could not put down the book. I also wanted to finish it and be sure that Martina had survived, conquered all there was for her to conquer. Good book, eh, to pull you that much into the story!

I read a great deal, (goes without saying, I suppose), so I know a good story when I meet one. I have been known to drop into a book for the weekend and be barely able to crawl back out, struggling to focus brain and eyes so as to be able to join the real world again. So I know a real storyteller when I meet one, and Colleen Smith-Dennis is an excellent storyteller. Congratulations to Colleen Smith-Dennis and to LMH for recognising her talent! I wish them all the best in this award, but even if they don't win, they will still have done Jamaica proud. You can tell I'm pleased, can't you!

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