Monday, December 12, 2011

Black British Barbadian Born YA Author

I want one of these books for Christmas! What books? Keep on reading.

I am extremely excited by this information obtained from Repeating Islands, post Dec, 7. The author's name is Malorie Blackman and she is one of the leading UK authors for YA books, and has to her credit Noughts and Crosses, Cloud Busting, Hacker, Thief, Boys Don't Cry, Pig-Heart Boy, A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E.. Deadly Dare is her next book slated to come out in 2012. She is the only black writer whose work is included in the top 100 of the nation's favourite books in BBC's The Big Read. Her book, Noughts and Crosses was adapted for the stage by the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is the first Black British woman accorded this honour. She has won the Young Telegraph/Fully Booked Award twice. She is also the first Black British author to have her books sell over one million copies. You know I'm over the moon over this!

I get the impression that these books are set in contemporary UK with modern, young adult themes, but do include black teenagers. I wish I could run out and get her books, just to see what they are like. Every Christmas I buy books as my Christmas present to me. It's done by browsing slowly, lovingly through bookstores. So for Christmas, I would like to have Noughts and Crosses, and then I'd be looking out for Deadly Dare in 2012. And since I doubt they will be in bookshops here, I'll order them.

I'm excited not only because she is Barbadian born, which makes her one of us, but also even if she represents the Black British more than the Caribbean, then she is still one of us, since many of them are descended from us. And it's so great to see this talent and the recognition she has gained in writing about her world, the UK. Her approach does not appear to be one of highlighting/indicating Caribbean ancestry, although I can't be sure. Whatever, I'm just so impressed. If anyone has read or come across any of these books please let me know.

Look for information on her books on Repeating Islands. Images on this blog also taken from Repeating Islands post.

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