Monday, August 9, 2010

Books and Stories by Diane Browne

Some persons have been asking about the books/stories I have written. I had meant to post this list before. Never got around to it, so perhaps this is a good time. My books and stories (indicating that my story is in a collection with other stories) have been published by the Ministry of Education as well as commercial publishers; by publishers in Jamaica/the Caribbean, the United Kingdom and the Unites States of America. And no, guys, I'm not rich as a result. Textbooks make money; children's literature does not. But in a world where so much is changing so quickly maybe Caribbean Children's Literature will begin to give us a living return. Who knows, guys! Technology and the twenty-first century and all that!

Spell check won't work, (technology and all that!) so there will be spelling mistakes galore. I can't see a typo even when it shouts, "I'm a typo!"

Books and stories by Diane Browne

1.The Funny Grey Cloud, Ministry of Education, Jamaica, 1978.

2.Stories/Selections LMW Readers, Ministry of Education, Jamaica, 1980.

3.Stories/Selections The Doctor Bird Reading Series, Ministry of Education,
Jamaica, 1980.
Included amongst reprints, 2002-05
-Sweet, Sweet Mango Tree,
-The Cat Woman & the Spinning Wheel,
-An Angel of Mercy (the story of Mary Seacole)
-Those Who Left Jamaica: (The Maroons who were forced to leave
Jamaica - the Nova Scotia connection: Jamaicans who went to Panama)

4. "Once Upon a Starlight", in The Big River and Other
Children’s Writers Circle, Jamaica, 1983

5. Gammon and the Woman’s
Tongue Trees,
in Jamaica Journal vol. 17. No.1, 1984.
(JCDC Gold Medal)

6.Stories/ Selections In New Caribbean Junior Readers, Ginn & Co. UK, 1984.

7.Things I Like, Children’s Writers Circle,
Jamaica, 1984.

8.Debonair the Donkey, JCDC, Jamaica, 1986.
(Gold Medal)

9. Gammon and the Woman’s Tongue Trees,
Children’s Writers Circle, Jamaica, 1987.

10.Cordelia Finds Fame Fame and Fortune,
Heinemann Caribbean Publishers, 1990.
(BIAJ best children’s book)

11."Peter’s Secret", in Just Suppose and Other Stories,
Children’s Writers Circle, Jamaica, 1990.

12."Gammon and the Woman’s Tongue Trees",
in A World of Children’s Stories, Friendship Press, USA, 1993.

13.Cordelia Finds Fame and Fortune,
Harcourt Brace, USA, (American Edition) 1994.

14.Once Upon A Starlight, in Scribbles Magazine, Jamaica, 1997.

15. Great Gran’s Gift, in Scribbles Magazine, Jamaica, 1998

16.We Can Be Tourists Too; Shari & Tony and a Tour for Tourists;
The Big Tourism Competition,
Tourism Activity Books for Grades 1, 2 & 3,
Jamaica Tourist Board, 2001

17. Stories/selections; Caribbean Language Arts Series, Carlong Publishers, 2002

18.A Tumbling World … A Time of Fire,
Arawak Publications, 2002
( a novel: ages 10-13)

19. Every Little Thing Will be All Right
(a collection of stories), Carlong Publishers, 2003

20. Teaching about HIV and AIDS in the Caribbean,
(coauthor), Macmillan Caribbean, 2006

21.Collection of Stories: Six Runs!; Twins in a Spin, and others:
Get Caught Reading! series,
Ginn, UK, 2007

22. The Ring and the Roaring Water
self published, 2008
(a novel: ages 10 -13):
sequel to A Tumbling World … A Time of Fire)

Bold text indicates fiction
JCDC: The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission
BIAJ: The Book industry Association of Jamaica


  1. Would you describe your Get Caught Reading Series as HiLo books? Are there any of these books in public libraries or school libraries? Are they still available?

  2. Forgive me Diane, for jumping in with my questions without congratulating you on this impressive list. Your delightful books should be prominently displayed in all book shops in Jamaica. My questions were prompted by a reply from Summer for suggestions for HiLo books, which included your series.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments, Helen. Sorry I didn't remember to answer this question. Just remembered when I saw the new post. No, I don't think they are HiLo readers/supplementary story books. Perhaps we can discuss this further by email.

  4. I loved Cordelia Finds Fame and Fortune. My students of Children's Literature had the opportunity to see and a group of stories read it in class. It shows the importance of acceptance and diversity.