Saturday, September 11, 2010

Young adult story in Gleaner magazine: one way to go!

Interesting news! Hot off the press news? I was delighted to see in The Gleaner magazine, Youthlink, the beginning of a story: Fly Guy, chapter 1. "Space for a Kite", by Gwyneth Harold. I had mentioned Gwyneth Harold's book, Bad Girls in School (Heinemann) in a previous blog when I was discussing young adult books that are now dealing with the present day reality for many of our youth in schools. And I really do applaud her for taking on that topic, and Heinemann for publishing the book. So I am very pleased to see her writing what would appear to be a novel for this young adult target audience, which will be serialised in that newspaper. I don't know anything more about it. I just saw it and thought I'd share it with you. I will try and get in touch with Gwyneth just to make sure that I haven't got the premise wrong. So if any of you are in contact with her, or anyone tells you about this blog, Gwyneth, please contact me at

I enjoyed this first installment. It grabbed me! I want to know what happens next. Already we know there are secrets to be revealed. Already there is conflict. Great beginning, eh! And I think boys ( that illusive demographic) will want to read it. Way to go, Gwyneth! All the best with this. For those of you who want to check this out, I entered "youthlink Jamaican gleaner", and got right to the Youthlink site, and there it was.

Interesting isn't it, when you think that a number of the famous writers of what we now consider European/American classics started off serialising their work in newspapers. Is there nothing new under the sun? And I'm not suggesting that this is the first time this has been done in Jamaica/the Caribbean, but it does point to a way of reaching the young adult target audience at this particular time when they are more interested in reading text messages. Therefore, a short and riveting section of a story. Illustration is cool too.

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