Thursday, November 25, 2010

Authors! Authors! Authors! Authors!

Mrs. Carnegie and Mrs. Golding

On November 18, Veronica Carnegie launched her latest book Going Home and Other Stories, an adult book. So why am I commenting on it in a blog devoted to Caribbean children's literature? Because Mrs. Carnegie graciously asked Hazel Campbell and myself to join her at the launch, and to present some of our books to the guest speaker, Mrs. Lorna Golding, wife of the Prime Minister of Jamaica, and Chairman of the Jamaica Early Childhood Development Foundation.

In addition, Mrs. Golding's excellent speech contained much which spoke to our interests as children's authors, in particular the following: "In order to build a nation we have to ensure that our children get the education and exposure that they need to grow into decent and productive citizens. That education is not just what they learn in school but what they learn outside of school and what we allow them to be exposed to."

Dorothy Noel of Carlong Publishers (which has published some of our books), introduced us, thus underscoring Carlong's support for children's literature.

It was a most delightful evening. By the way, Mrs. Carnegie's stories are very humourous, with a slice of life which we recognise with delight, as you can see.

An additional pleasure was seeing Gwyneth Harold, author of Bad Girls in School, which I had highlighted in a previous post.

Mrs. Carnegie signing one of her books for Gwyneth Harold

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