Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feeding the heart! Feeding the soul! Creating ceativity!

Went to MoBay: From the luscious green vegetation on rolling hills and grand mountains, the blue and white sea against the yellow ochre sand, the grandeur of the Gorge, trees with tight, straight trunks holding fast to the rock walls, to the dry plains, brown pods of the Woman's Tongue trees, like elongated blooms. Feeding the heart, feeding the soul. Lord, this country is beautiful!

This was how I felt. And why am I telling you, dear readers, apart from the fact that you might also feel the same if you live here or you’ve been here, is because, lo and behold, before I was even into the Gorge (retuning home) the story ideas were flowing fast. Had to take out a notebook to capture them quickly. So I guess this is nothing new. Commune with nature and creativity wells up. Aha! And it was after two days of rest. It did not happen on the outward journey. Mind you, we had taken the Sligoville road, which is enough to toss away any thought of anything but where the next pothole, throwing you onto the wrong side of a mountain road, might be.

So was it the rest or was it the beauty of the country? Every thing I saw, I’ve always loved. I am passionate about the Woman’s Tongue Trees in the dry season. When you come upon a group of them, they are like flowering trees, to me as beautiful as Poui or Poinciana Trees. And yes, this does lead back through the highways and the byways of thought to children’s literature. My book, Gammon and the Woman’s Tongue Trees celebrates that passion.

So having entered 2011 wondering what to write, here I am, renewed. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could just trust in the process as it unfolds. So yes! Respect the talent! Respect the gift!
Trust the process!

Just thought of it.I would love to see Gammon and Debonair redone in colour! In a way that celebrates the beauty of the island.

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  1. Hi Diane,

    I'm always so glad when you upload one of the covers of your books :-) I'll add 'Gammon and the Woman's Tongue Trees' to the Anansesem Facebook page. I am, as always, enjoying your blog posts!