Sunday, July 10, 2011

Can we be in pictures in books? Yes, of course we can.

Can we be in pictures in books? Yes, of course we can!

To continue my post from last week, here are some of the illustrations from the books produced for Literacy 1-2-3. The text/stories for these books are great, and without the text there can be no illustrations. However I choose to focus on the illustrations because that is what will pull the child into the books, and because we so often complain that we have no illustrators. Well clearly here we do; different styles, but all delightful, validating our world, the reality and fantasy of the world of our children, saying, 'Your world can be captured in illustrations; humourous illustrations, charming illustrations, powerful illustrations. Your world is as worthy of pictures as the worlds of other peoples. Your world is just as wonderful in books!'

Shouldn't we all want these books to survive the project stage? Of course, we do. Of course, we can make sure they can. We can, can't we?

Credits follow:
Harriet Hen and the Hawk by Pat Cuff, illustrated by Marlo Scott

I Wish I Had by Claudette Carter, illustrated by Errol Stennett

Big and Strong by Rebecca Tortello, illustrated by Marlo Scott and Errol Stennett

I Am Growing by Kellie Magnus, illustrated by Kathryn Wheeler

Can You Count With Me? by Florence Cheese, illustrated by Andrea Haynes Peart

I Am A Doctor Bird by Kellie Magnus, illustrated by Rachel Wade.

The chief designer/art director on this project was Errol Sennett, himself an artist. Other books/illustrations from this project can be seen specifically in my last three posts, as well as through many of my posts. Look out for them!

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