Sunday, August 21, 2011

My latest novel, Island Princess in Brooklyn, published!

My latest novel for children/young adults, Island Princess in Brooklyn, is off the press! It is published by Carlong Publishers, right here in Jamaica, target audience, ages 10-13 (or younger, if they are mature readers - or older, if they wish - adults may like it). I am excited in a quiet way. Actually, it depends on which day you catch me. Some days I'm more excited than others. It's not in stores yet, (it's just in the warehouse, I believe) but we got advance copies for the IASL authors' breakfast, (last post) , and so one book went with a librarian back to the UK, and one went with a librarian back to California, USA. It's not often you get to see your book actually going overseas and possibly being read by others who are not related to you or know you. Sort of cool.

The story is about a girl who joins her mother in the USA, Brooklyn - of course, and how she adapts or doesn't. So I'll let you know when it is in bookstores, and in future posts I'll discuss the various elements of the story, including the protagonist, who is quite a spirited girl. Interesting ... I got to know her so much better over the time of writing and also I got to like her quite a bit.

This is a quick post. I tried to get the pdf of the cover on so I could show the blurb, which gives a really good preview of the story, but it didn't happen, so another time.


  1. That's a very attractive cover. Hope you get lots of sales.

  2. Looking forward to reading this one, Diane.