Sunday, September 25, 2011

Breaking News! Time travel might be possible after all

This astounding information was delivered in one of those announcements which we may never hear again. Breaking news! It seems that subatomic particles can go faster than the speed of light. Interview between anchor and a scientist on a reputable international news station. ‘The implications would be that physics as we know it, would be turned on its head’, says the scientist. ‘Give us an example,’ says the anchor. The scientist says something about the origins of life and space, which went clear over my head, naturally, but I did hear, ‘For example, time travel might be possible’. What you say? I heard it! I tell you, I heard it, man. So this fantasy might not be such a fantasy after all. If you missed that you may never hear it said again, because it might frighten people in the world so they much they couldn’t cope, or something like that. So it may well be like what took place on another international station of note, where after the recent tragic Japanese earthquake it was said that Japan had moved a few feet closer to the United Sates and perhaps that meant that the world was actually smaller than it was, hence time would speed up. By the next announcement the speeding up of time had disappeared, and I’m sure that we won’t hear anything about he world being ‘smaller’ either. How would people cope! So you won’t hear anything about time travel again. However this time travel reader/author heard it. Aha!

I read a column today from one of my favourite columnists, young, bright, a Jamaican, active both here and in the diaspora. And he explained that it is not ‘boasty’ to talk about one’s achievements on the various media. It has to be done in this world of social networking because that’s how you get the next contact, and so on. So with that in mind, and armed with the above revelations, I’ll remind you of my two Time Travel books, A Tumbling World…A Time of Fire (the protagonists inadvertently go back to the 1907 earthquake in Kingston), and The Ring and The Roaring Water, (where they deliberately go back to 1951, only to run into Hurricane Charlie). What contacts do I expect to make? Well, for one, I’d like to sell more of these, or have a ‘big time’ publisher take them over. Every author’s dream, eh!

And my two favourite Time Travel books are: A Traveller in Time by Allison Uttley, and the classic, Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce. I have read both of them more than once. So yes, I wish we could believe that we in the Caribbean could also enjoy Time Travel like overseas people, and so want to read about it. And I wish my Time Travel books could travel, so I could feel encouraged to write the third.

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  1. Diane, I don't know about you, but time is definitely speeding up for me. As each day is done, I wonder where it went. As one grows older, the length of a day relative to one's age gets smaller and smaller. Perhaps the reporter who made the comment didn't want to face up to this reality.