Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stories which touch lives: The Happiness Dress

We write because we have to write. We often tell stories that mean something to us, to our characters, rather than what we think will sell. We hope that they will mean something to our readers also. I believe that if even one person is touched by a story that is enough. However, one seldom gets the chance to experience someone saying a story 'really moved me'. I have recently had this experience. Hazel Campbell directed me to her blog where Risha said she had read my story the Happiness Dress (Hazel kindly had it there for people to read) and it reminded her of a time when she was little and her Mum and her Aunt didn't like a dress she had, which she liked. Therefore she never wore it. Risha said she was very touched by the story and will read it to her daughter. (Read Hazel's blog for September 15 to see Risha's own words: I am greatly moved by this. I am greatly honoured to have been able to come quietly into someone's life, and to encourage that someone to share what is precious with another person she loves. I thank Risha for her comment, and I hope that she is able to read this.

This, fellow writers, is one of the reasons why we write. So I post this blog with love and appreciation for our readers and also by way of sending encouragement to other writers, especially in the Caribbean where we will probably not make much money from writing children's fiction (you think!) but where we can still make a difference. Keep writing, guys.


  1. Thanks for these words of encouragement, Diane.

  2. Congratulations on winning the Commonwealth Award Diane! Great work, keep it up... as usual