Sunday, November 27, 2011

Books and launches galore!

It's as if every weekend there is a launch or a reading! Wonderful! There were two that I went to this weekend. Both lovely! Both joyful! It seems as if Jamaica has taken to books. Now admittedly most of them are adult books, however I am hoping that this interest and desire for books will eventually extend to children's books, that we are indeed having a renaissance. So remember my launch this week, Dec. 1.
My next blog post will give you a report on it.


  1. Auntie D, I started reading your latest creation, during your book launch (shame be upon me) and did not put it down until i got to the last and final page (tonight at 9.30pm) I LOVE this book. I have passed it on to Alexa and know she will enjoy it too..I can't wait to hear more from Ms. Princess McQueen, I don't think her story is over yet!


  2. Thanks, NeKeisha. I'm so glad you liked it. Interesting you should say Princess' story isn't finished yet, because Mandi also said that I should write a sequel. We'll see.