Friday, November 4, 2011

Happenings: JCDC Awards! Authors and Readers!

This week the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission had its annual awards ceremony for creative writing. Big congratulations go to Helen Williams (pen name: Billy Elm) for her awards for her young adult novel, Delroy and the Marog Princess, a sequel to her novel, Delroy in the Marog Kingdom ( Macmillan Caribbean, 2009). I enjoyed that story and look forward to reading this one also. I do hope that a publisher picks this up as well.

Picture courtesy of Helen Williams, taken at the awards ceremony shows from L to R: Diane Browne, Helen Williams, Hazel Campbell and Jean Forbes

Congrats also to Jean Goulbourne and Jean Forbes on their awards. Both of these writers have stories in the Literacy 1-2-3 books. It is really encouraging to see how many persons are writing for children now. It's as if there is a resurgence of interest and hope. All we have to do now is solve the publishing, marketing and purchasing challenges. We shall keep on and not despair!

The title for this post is 'authors and readers'. The 'reader' aspect is this: Someone who read Island Princess in Brooklyn, told me how much she liked it and said, "I was telling my son this is how a story should be. You're in there; you're part of it." I am very pleased, of course.
This is what all authors want to hear, that the reader was so much into the story that he/she became a part of it. Did you say this was an adult making the comment and it's a tween/young adult story? Well, they say that some stories for young people are also enjoyed by adults, and this is a sign that it's a really good story. Dear Reader, I hope that this will prove to be true for you and your children and grandchildren.


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Diane, and for the publicity. Unity is strength. When we all support each other we multiply each other's energies. Between publishing and marketing, I find the latter more challenging, perhaps because I have little experience of it.