Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Images from Island Princess in Brooklyn launch

Dorothy Noel, Publishing Manager of Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Ltd. (the publisher) who gave an excellent address.

Hazel Campbell, the editor for Carlong Sand Pebbles Series, and me. Laughing away!

Donation to Liberty Hall (which highlights the legacy of Marcus Garvey) for their library for children. I have read for children there.

Musical Interlude: Bianca Welds playing
Princess played in a steelband

My younger daughter, Rachael Browne, and I meeting and greeting. Yes, there were children there, but of course, I've not put their images on my blog. St. Andrew High, Grade 7 students, Christal Donegan and Camela Brown, read delightfully and with wonderful expression from the book; in Princess' own words. Thanks to St. Andrew High School for Girls for facilitating this.


  1. I am just beaming from ear to ear looking at these photos.

    One Love,

  2. That's such a lovely thing to say, and feel. Thanks, Geoffrey.

  3. Article on the launch of "Island Princess in Brooklyn" in December on Pree Jamaica

  4. This was an awesome experience! I hope to meet you again.

    1. I hope to meet you again also. Thanks for your participation. Blessings.