Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta

Sharon Martini, Kellie Magnus, Jean Forbes, me, Suzanne Francis Brown

Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta at Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth on Saturday, February 25. We children's authors were on a panel talking about writing for children. Panelists were, besides myself, Jean Forbes, Kellie Magnus and Sharon Martini. Moderator was Dr. Suzanne Francis Brown, also a children's writer. I am told that it was an interesting and entertaining discussion as we all brought different experiences to the table/panel. We were all blown away when Sharon, who was the first to speak, played her guitar and sang wonderfully well. Taken aback at having to follow after her performance, I think we all recovered and did okay.
This literary festival is located on the grounds of the Two Seasons Guest House. The organisers are Janet Barrett, Gwyneth Harold (also a young adult author) and Christine Marrett. Jamcopy was a special partner this year and the Tourism Enhancement Fund sponsored the fare for the young Nigerian author Igoni Barrett.
It was, of course, really great that the organisers recognised writing for children by inviting us. Usually literary festivals have an area for children in which children's' authors can read/interact with the children. This was really recognition for us as adult writers.

The day was lovely! The dull yellow ochre of dry land, the dark green of wooded areas of acacia trees, bougainvillia, orange, purple, crimson, tumbling over walls, cool breezes tugging at the tent, cooling us before we could become uncomfortable; restful, dynamic, country lunch (nothing like country cooking - plenty 'cook down' with gravy, and lots more to choose from - after all we could come back to town and return to conscious eating).
Performances/reading superb. No, I cannot call names because then you leave out somebody and they feel slighted, that is, if people don't get vexed with you, and rightly so. I came away with a wonderful feeling of the interest our people do have in the written and spoken word (I know, so often we complain) the amount of talent there is in this country, the young talent. And it was on display here because this festival is inclusive.

Big up Two Seasons Talking Trees. All the best for next year!

Kellie Magnus, Jean Forbes and me

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