Sunday, July 29, 2012

Diane Browne: Bibliography

Following my last post, someone asked me how many stories/books I'd written. So I decided to post my bibliography. It was posted when I first started blogging, but it's had additions since then. I've taken out the textbooks. You will also see that some stories are repeated because of their publishing history, but just trying to format this has been such a struggle, text behaving at will, text disappearing so that  I didn't attempt to redo the list.

1.   The Funny Grey Cloud:     
Ministry of Education, Jamaica, 1978. 

2.    Stories/Selections:             
 LMW Readers, Ministry of Education, Jamaica, 1980.

3.  Stories/Selections:                
The Doctor Bird Reading Series, Ministry of Education,
Jamaica,1980. (30 stories):
Some of my favourites:

The Strange Fishermen;

Marble Lady;

Sweet, Sweet Mango Tree;

The Cat Woman & the Spinning  Wheel;
The Runaway Car;

An Angel of Mercy (the story of Mary Seacole);

Those Who Left Jamaica: (the Maroons who went to Nova Scotia;
Jamaicans who went to Panama

4.   Once Upon a Starlight:         
In The Big River and Other Stories,
Children’s Writers Circle, Jamaica, 1983

5.  Gammon and the Woman’s
     Tongue Trees:                       
 In Jamaica Journal vol. 17. No.1, 1984. 

6.    Stories/ Selections:              
 In New Caribbean Junior Readers, Ginn & Co. UK, 1984.

7.     Things I Like:                     
 Children’s Writers Circle, Jamaica, 1984. 

8.     Debonair the Donkey:           
 JCDC, Jamaica, 1986.
   Gold Medal  

9.    Gammon and the Woman’s
      Tongue Trees:                  
     Diane Browne with Children’s Writers Circle, Jamaica, 1987.
             Gold Medal (JCDC)

10.    Cordelia Finds Fame
         Fame and Fortune:               
        Heinemann Caribbean Publishers, Jamaica,   
        1990.  Best Children’s Book (BIAJ)
11.    Peter’s Secret:                      
      In Just Suppose and Other Stories,
     Children’s Writers Circle, Jamaica, 1990. 

12.   Gammon and the Woman’s Tongue Trees:                     
 In A World of Children’s Stories, Friendship Press, USA, 1993. 

13.   Cordelia Finds Fame and Fortune:                                                                                                
        Harcourt Brace, USA, 1994. 

14.     Once Upon A Starlight:          
           In Scribbles Magazine, November  1997, Jamaica, 1997. 

 15.       Great Gran’s Gift :              
          In Scribbles Magazine, Vol. 2,
           No.1, 1998, Jamaica, 1998. 

16.       A Tumbling World …             
            A Time of Fire:                                                              
            ( a novel: upper primary/
             lower secondary)
Arawak Publications, Jamaica, 2002 

17.       Every Little Thing             
            Will Be All Right:                     
          Carlong Publishers, Jamaica, 2003
         Best Children’s Book (BIAJ)

18.       Stories:                                  
         Get Caught Reading! Series, Ginn,  2007:
         Twins in a Twist,
         The Magic Bat, and others.

19.    The Ring and the Roaring Water:     

        (a novel: upper primary/
         lower secondary): sequel to
        A Tumbling World … A Time of Fire
          (self published)

20.   Island Princess in Brooklyn:     
      (a novel: upper primary/
       lower secondary/YA)
      Carlong Publishers, 2011

21. The Happiness Dress:          
      Commonwealth Foundation – on CD
Special Prize for Children’s Short Story


  1. Thanks for this list, Diane. I will find it very useful as I'm currently building a list of children's books by Jamaican authors for the Granville Reading and Art Programme.

  2. hey im looking for a biography of you for my research

  3. Demalya, please explain what your research is all about and perhaps I can help you as you requested. You have left no email address so I cannot contact you. all the best