Saturday, December 21, 2013

Book Industry Association of Jamaica awards, 2013: showcasing young writers and publishers

Christmas is almost here. So time to get in some blogs before 2014.
The Book Industry Association of Jamaica awards took place in early December. The number of books being entered keeps increasing as do the self published books. For the purposes of this blog, the most important aspect  is that there are more children’s books being entered, a testament to more being written,  self published and published by new, independent publishers. This is all to the good. Could we be on our way to producing a reading society?
Here are the results:
Publishing Awards:
Children’s Chapter Book: No Boy Like Amanda, by Hope Barnett, published by Becky T. Books
Children’s Picture Book: Please Don’t Touch My Tomato by Cecile Levee, published by Spencer Kennedy Concept Ltd.
Children’s Trade Book Cover: Bolo the Monkey: written by Jonathan Burke, cover Design by Michael Robinson, published by Blue Moon Publishing
Readers Choice Award:
1.       Children’s Picture Book: Bolo the Monkey, by Jonathan Burke, Illustrated by Nicolas Martin, published by Blue Moon Publishing
2.       Children’s Chapter Book. A Turtle Tale by Latoya Newman
The really great thing about all of this is that we are seeing young, new writers and publishers entering the arena.  It is good to see that the baton is being passed and passed effectively. Special praise for Blue Moon Publishing which won in two categories.
Could we be on our way to creating a reading society? What a something, eh! What a something! Lovely!

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