Monday, June 14, 2021

Dispatches from the book front: Book giveaway 1

 Hi Guys,

I'm downsizing and have to give away my precious, precious books. I'm going to be posting lists on my blog. You can contact me at <> should you want any. If you see one of your books here, please don't feel that your work doesn't matter to me. It does, that's why I have it. They just can't all go with me. So I've decided to keep some Caribbean reference books and some children's. Please pass the lists onto anyone who might be interested. Another list will go up tomorrow, and so on. 

List of books to be given away: Batch 1

·         Blood and Fire: John Marquis  (something to do with the Duke of Windsor)

·         Arch of Fire: Barbara Lalla

·         Stone Haven: Evan Jones

·         Singerman: Hazel D. Campbell

·          White Teeth: Zaidie Smith

·         Cascade: Babara Lalla

·         Drumblair: Rachel Manley

·         Dog-Heart: Diana McCauley

·         Huracan: Diana McCauley

·         Great Tales from English History: Robert Lacey

·         Going Home to Teach: Anthony Winkler

·         These Days I Celebrate: Raymond Mair

·        Learning to be A Man: Barry Chevannes

·        Trust the Darkness: Anthony Winkler

·        The True History of Paradise: Margaret Cezair Thompson

·        Images, Heroes and Self Perception: the struggle for identity – from mask wearing to authenticity: Lou Benson

·        Maroon Heritage, Archeological, Ethnographic and Historical Perspectives: ed: E. Kofi Agorsah

·        Jamaican Energy: Raymond Wright

·        Growing up with Miss Milly: Sybil Seaforth

·        Cambridge: Carly Phillips (regretfully some pages brown)

·        Bellas Gate Boy: Trevor Rhone

·        The Right to be Proud: A bright guide to Jamaican heritage sights: David Buckley


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